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Perry Rhodan is a Science Fiction series. For more than thirty-nine years, space hero Perry Rhodan has been chasing evil villains; he has been meddling in cosmic affairs, and he has visited countless distant galaxies.

Perry Rhodan was published in the 70's in the United States of America by ACE Books. At that time, »Perry Rhodan« was merely a space opera, embedded in the political climate of that area, i.e. the cold war. Major Perry Rhodan originally was an American spaceman who travelled to the moon. His intellectual father, K.H. Scheer depicted him instead of Neil Armstrong as the national hero who made this historic "small step for a man, but a giant leap for mankind". Because it's a Science Fiction series, Perry Rhodan met some Aliens on the moon, the Arkonides. From the very beginning, I liked the logical approach that the authors choose to describe Terra's ascent into the center of the cosmic stage. Unfortunately, ACE books stopped publisiung Perry Rhodan way back in 1978 or 1979.

However, in Europe, Perry Rhodan is still very much alive. Here at, we'll try to be your companion guide to Perry Rhodan's latest adventures. If you click on the images at the nrw Perry Rhodan Website, you'll find a detailed and in-depth analysis of the latest Perry Rhodan novels. Some of these reviews are written in English. We put a flag beneath the image to specify the language of the review.

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