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Perry Rhodan, Peacelord of the Universe

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Perry Rhodan is one of the greatest phenomenons in the history of Science Fiction.
Keep up to date with developments in Segafrendo and other distant galaxies!

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Perry Rhodan
Perry Rhodan
Perry Rhodan
Special Feature:
Freund und Feind
bei Perry Rhodan
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Dear Web traveller,
Our web server suffered a power outage (caused by a storm) on June 18, 2004. In the process, all data has been lost from this server. Accordingly, the contents of this Website will not be available for a while.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

What do I like about Perry Rhodan?  He takes us along his journeys into deep space. The action is set in really distant galaxies. No other sci-fi series comes even close. In STAR TREK, the U.S.S. Voyager is ridiculously slow. Voyager needs seventy years to cross a mere 70 000 light years. Perry Rhodan is very different from that. He visited the Andromeda nebula in issue # 250, and since then, he has seen countless other galaxies, too. Reading Perry Rhodan gives me a feeling of the greatness of the universe and, in that sense, of the greatness of God's creation. - New Religions of the World - New Religions of the World

The Perry Rhodan series was started on September 8th, 1961. At that time, President Kennedy had committed the American nation to the dream of space exploration: "We go into space because whatever mankind must undertake, free men must fully share... I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth."  (Special Message to the Congress on Urgent National Needs, May 25, 1961)

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. Click here for a summary of this historic space mission. In the 21st century, space travel seems so routine and natural. However, in the 1960's, it was all a huge mystery. The original Perry Rhodan novels describe Venus as a tropical planet where dinosaurs thrive.

K. H. Scheer depicted Major Perry Rhodan instead of Neil Armstrong as the national hero who made this historic trip to the moon. That is the basic plot of the very first Perry Rhodan novel. Because it's a Science Fiction series, Perry Rhodan met some Aliens on the moon, the Arkonides.

The official Home Page features an excellent English introduction to the series. Eleston Broome and Captain Nemo wrote their own introductions to the series which are also worth reading. Please bookmark this site and come back to after you have explored these other fine English Perry Rhodan sites. offers information about Perry Rhodan in English and is especially designed for international visitors. This site is a non-commercial venture. This site has no commercial relationship with the publishers of Perry Rhodan or the producers of related merchandise. You cannot order books from this site. If you want to buy English books that are currently in print, we recommend or

It is the purpose of this Website to keep international readers around the world informed about Perry Rhodan's cosmic adventures in DaGlaush and the other galaxies of the Thoregon coalition. If you click on the images at the top of this page, you'll find a detailed and in-depth analysis of current Perry Rhodan novels. Some of these reviews are written in English. We put a flag beneath the image to specify the language of the review.

Our legendary space hero has safely returned from Tradom and is currently examining some very strange phenomena in our own Milky Way. After four years [in real publishing time, as experienced by the readers here on Earth], the adventures in the Thoregon coalition of distant galaxies ended with a truly dramatic finale. That was a genuine science fiction masterpiece. The Perry Rhodan series has now reached issue # 2250, and in sharp contrast to the exciting novels which led up to the jubilee issue, the authors have now seriously restricted the possibilities of intergalactic space travel. Officially, this is due to an interference of higher cosmic beings, also known as the cosmocrates.

Here's some new information which many of you might consider a spoiler. The authors primarily used the jubilee issue # 2200 to introduce a new character. His name is Kantiran. His mother is an Arkonide; his father is a Human. He's bright, he's smart, and we soon learn that his mother is an aristocrate, a member of the high society and a close ally to the Imperator himself. On the other hand, Kantiran does not know who his father is, and his mother tries to shield this particular information from him. Well, Kantiran finds out anyway, and we'll tell you right now: Kantiran is Perry Rhodan's son.

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Deutscher Science Fiction Webring
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However, due to our server crash in June 2004, our story archives have not yet been restored. We recommend an excellent story "Dogs" by Chinese author Mo Yän. This story was translated from Chinese into German by someone who has actively endorsed our Website for many years.

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Hier ist jetzt aber der Bär los! Die Perry-Rhodan-Redaktion hat beschlossen, das neue Flaggschiff von Perry Rhodan LEIF ERIKSSON zu nennen. Wir versichern, daß es sich um einen reinen Zufall handelt! Der Name für unser Raumschiff MAGNUS ERIKSSON ist älter (und im übrigen an eine historische Königsfigur angelehnt. König Magnus Eriksson lebte von 1319 – 1363.) Ausserdem spielen die von uns selbst erfundenen Abenteuer des Raumschiffs MAGNUS ERIKSSON nicht im Perry-Rhodan-Universum.

Nach dem Absturz unseres Servers im Juni 2004 ist das Story Archiv noch nicht wieder in vollem Umfang verfügbar. Wir empfehlen den ersten Teil der Folge 10 von "Hardy Corner - Erbschleicher und Lustmolch des Universums". Die Geschichte trägt den Titel Der Unheimliche und wurde von Josef Nepomuk verfasst. Laurie D. Haynes hat uns freundlicherweise die Erlaubni gegenen, ihre sehr literarisch geschriebene Geschichte Sailing Away aus dem STAR TREK Universum hier zu veröffentlichen. Zwar keine Science Fiction, aber einfach wunderschön zu lesen ist die Kurzgeschichte Hunde des chinesischen Autors Mo Yän.

Please contact the Webmaster if you want to contribute to our Story Archives.

Contact us! is back online! Congratulations! They finally did it ! All the good stuff is back again. Highly recommended! During the time when the American site was hibernating, I found a copy of the Main Characters page on my hard disk and decided that I would put it online right here at John Foyt was kind enough to grant me permission to keep this file on this server. Thank you very much. As many regular visitors to this site may have noted, Rhodan  has recently been in a poor shape and  needs updating. Anyway, this site attracts apprx. 14 visitors per day, and if you want to learn more about Perry Rhodan, you should positively go to It's simply the best Rhodan site on the net.

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Part II of the nrw Perry Rhodan Website is available in nrw's classic Starfield Layout and has not recently been updated. However, it features an excellent piece of art from a highly talented Japanese artist.

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