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Dear Science Fiction lovers!

Star Trek Beyond has been released on July 22, 2016. Read Jamahl Epsicokhan's review of "Star Trek Beyond" on ST-Hypertext:

Star Trek Hypertext

For booklovers, there's still a lot of canonical staff going on. For example, you can enjoy Captain Riker's voyages. The image above (to the right) links to one of Captain Riker's recent adventures, published by Pocket Books in August 2012. This exciting Titan novel is certainly worth reading. To stay in touch with the latest developments on the book market, we recommend that you visit Trek Lit Reviews:

Trek Lit Reviews

Furthermore, Details of Star Trek Discovery haver been emerging:

Star Trek: Discovery

If you live in the UK or Ireland and have Sky, you can watch Voyager reruns on SyFy almost every day. Of course, STAR TREK - VOYAGER is also available on DVD. With the upcoming release of Star Trek Discovery, all former episodes, including Star Trek Voyager, will probably become available on Netflix throughout Europe.

At the top of this page, you find an image of the original Season 5 DVD (USA) retail box. However, we still have to wait for a transition to High Definition.

If you're familiar with Star Trek games, it's worth mentioning that Star Trek Online has gone free-to-play. Check Massively for the latest information.

If you're not into online games, you might also give Star Trek Legacy a try, although it's a couple of years old and most critics never liked it.

The Starship Andromeda Ascending is another fascinating Science Fiction series which we greatly enjoy. A useful resource for Andromeda viewers on the Web is this link:

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