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Speaking headers: They are now a piece of "fair" because it is now also possible for players to push themselves over the shoulder of an opponent's goal to the top.Adjust thoughtful or prudent Defend are pass, as in Hall Football is constantly back and forth.Otherwise, the tactic manager is compared to FIFA 15 coins unchanged.In addition, it is likely that even beginners have a lot more fun with the game.

The AI had at defensive tasks often severe misfire.So inattentive defense on the rest of the field may be, within the Straufraums it is insurmountable.High-scoring games with more than ten goals are the result, something there was not more for FIFA Even though that sounds like a step backwards, it's entertaining nonetheless.Brazuca to provide a high airspeed, in the game he does definitely.Goals over long edges or tricks in Straufraum are a true rarity, it also changes the slightly improved control for close control anything.

According to EA, the ball physics has been revised and adapted to the new official World Cup ball "Brazuca".Beginner wants 2014 FIFA World Cup draw with difficulty "Beginners" and the "two keys" control, which are set by default.The ball flies in comparison to FIFA 14 in rocket speed, for trimmed shots the goalie has almost no chance.The player can before running now choose between four different tactics, such as "harry Goalkeeper" (more players in the six-yard box) or "run to the near post.So also have teams whose defenders have grown rather small, a chance at the ball So are head-monster like Mario Mandzukic no superiority.Compared with FIFA 15 coins, a game in 2014 FIFA World Cup runs significantly faster and more arcade-heavy.This leads on the one hand that the game in midfield runs very smoothly back and forth, but this long-range shots are powerful and usually lead to success.There are now more tactical control even at corners.Even on the highest difficulty can be world-class defenders like John Terry and Sergio Ramos the player to Straufraumgrenze by without any real opposition.Many games with friends are only really entertaining and an open game, because nothing is more boring than a Drge one to zero.